The fact that I have heard the gospel is a miracle.

A nobody, from Galilee, turned out to be somebody.

With no way of spreading the word except through experience and relationship, He changes the world.

He’s caused revolution in the hearts of men.

The fact that I’ve experienced Jesus should be impossible, but it has happened. There should be no way that I would hear the words from a man from a small town in Galilee, and that I would learn from a 1st century man named Paul, but I have.

The message of Jesus has divided people, and yet it brings the purest form of unity.

The message of Jesus says die so that you might live.

The message of Jesus says love when they hate.

Serve when they abuse.

Have faith, not fear.

We’ve heard the voice of the one they spoke of, the messiah.


Don’t run from the struggle of faith, run to it. The more you seek the more you find.

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