NEW Single // “Your Love” // #Spotify #ReleaseDay #NewMusic

Music is supposed to be fun, and there hasn’t been one time where I didn’t have fun leading this song. It’s fun to be in God’s presence, it’s a blast to worship and rejoice in song to the Lord. Why would God have it any other way? My hope would be that as you sing this song, you would also be smiling. 

Philippians 4 says that we are to rejoice in the Lord always, and the reason is because God is ALWAYS with us. When I’ve felt alone, His love met me. When I was covered in the consequences of my sin, His grace held me. When I was lost and drowning in question, His peace swept over me. How in the world could I ever be silent about Jesus, the one who has done all this? 

I hope this song helps you get your groove back church! Lift your voice, move your feet, make some noise. The Lord is good. AND HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

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