About Jordan & Vanessa

Jordan Abina lives in Napa, Ca with his wife Vanessa and their three children June, Jadwin and Joss. The Abina’s have a heart to build the kingdom both here and around the world. Jordan and Vanessa are passionate about building teams, equipping and building leaders, and cultivating creative atmospheres amongst artists. Jordan Abina is a pastor and author of his book Thoughts of a dying worship leader. 

“How we choose to express the gifts and creativity God has given us is what makes the world a beautiful, colorful, and diverse place.”

My life has been dramatically influenced and changed by the person of Jesus Christ. His words have changed how I think, act, and how I create. My scope has widened, my creative sense deepened, and my capacity for love has been reborn. Much of my work has been intertwined to what I’ve learned of experienced with Him.

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