Let’s do the “Book Club” thing!

Reading is great, but so much better together.

I really love to read, like, I really do. But what I love even more than that is talking about what I read with someone else. When I have a group of people who have read the same book as me, wow, there is so much to converse about.

I thought, maybe I should start a book club? So here it is, 6 book options for the next 3 months. You can register for whichever books you’d like and at the end of the month you’ll join me and others for an online forum where all of us can share! I’ll send out some emails throughout the month and some encouragements along the way.

Maybe you consider yourself a super-reader or just a novice, either way, this is a great activity to get those brain stems firing and meet some cool people.

Ready. Set. Go!

June 2020

June Option #1 – The Artisan Soul by Erwin Raphael McManus

This is a book that needs to be read by all people, because we’re all artists. Pastor Erwin McManus just has a way about him. He gets the mind of a artist and those who strive to paint the world. This book moved me into a new season and into a deeper walk withe Jesus. You’re going to like it.

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June Option #2 – A Little History of The World by E.H. Gombrich

I love history, but usually it’s a deep commitment and a big read. This was different, this was special. I was perusing through Shakespeare & Co in Paris and this cover got me and it made it home with me. Such an adventure, such a learning experience, and definitely not your typical history book.

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The Artisan SoulA Little History of the World

July 2020

July Option #1 – Run With The Horses by Eugene Peterson

My good friend and missionary Henry Smith looked at me one time like I was crazy when I told him I hadn’t read this book. I read it the next week. My first thought was, I wish this book at found me sooner. Eugene Peterson looks at the prophet Jeremiah and unpacks the human heart.

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July Option #2 – Moby Dick by Herman Melville

It’s a classic right? Well, it’s also a beast of a read. But hey, it’s summer! Let’s read this classic tale together. It’s a wild ride.

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Run With The HorsesMoby Dick

August 2020

August Option #1 – Thoughts Of A Dying Worship Leader by Jordan Abina

The only thing that could make the experience of writing a book better would be the opportunity to discuss it with you! So, let’s discuss it. Pick up my book HERE and let’s share what God says to us.

August Option #2 – John Carter – The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

I’ve read almost of all the books in this series except for “The Gods Of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. These were written in the early 1900’s and they totally dominate anything coming out today. Don’t even talk to me about the movie, IT DOESN’T MATTER! You are going to like this.


Thoughts of a Dying Worship LeaderJohn Carter - The Gods of Mars

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